Mahim Snr PI Milind Zhedekar and Orderly Trapped By Anti Corruption for taking 20000 Red Handed

  • March 19, 2018

Mahim Snr PI Milind Zhedekar and Orderly
Trapped  By Anti Corruption for taking 20000 Red Handed 

Bar Owner ne ki Thi Complaint 
Darasal Sunday ko Mahim Police ne Raid ki thi Bar par 

1) Milind Tatoba Yedekar, 50 yrs, Sr. PI Mahim police station,Mumbai. 
2) Sandeep Sabaji Teli 42 Yrs.Police Naik ( Sr. PI assistant) Mahim police station.
 Demand :- Rs.50,000/- (After  Negotiation, Rs.40,000/-)

Acceptance :- Rs 20,000/- (first installment)

Brief Facts : Complainant is owner of the orchestra bar. On 17/3/18 Sr. PI & staff of Mahim Police Station conducted a raid at complainant's bar. A challan was made under the sections of Maharashtra police ACT against the Manager. Sr. PI Mahim Pstn. demanded Rs. 50,000/- from the complainant as illegal gratification and agreed to accept Rs 40,000/- after negotiation to not take action u/s 294 IPC. As well as not to register any cases in future.

Complainant approached ACB Mumbai unit. After verification, trap was laid in which Police Naik, Teli, Assistant of Sr. PI Mahim Pstn. was apprehended red handed while accepting the first installment of Rs.20,000/- on behalf of Sr. PI Yedekar. Hence case is registered.
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