HSC Board Exams Aaj se hue Shuru

  • February 18, 2020

HSC Board Exams Aaj se hue Shuru 

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education ke HSC exams Class 12 ke Aaj Se shuru 

Mumbai Division mai 3.4 lakh Students Exam Dege in more than 500 hundred centre aur Overall State mai 15 lakh Students Exam dege 

Paper Leaks ko Nazar mai rakhte hue Jo Question Paper Exam Centre mai Distribute karte hai usske saath ek Police official Saath rahega 

Mobile Phones Strictly Not Allowed in Exam Hall 

Gallinews Wishes Best of Luck To All the HSC Students 

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  • - ajaz Qadri

    Best of luck

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